Professional all-round

Property service for owners

The sale of property comes with some challenges. If you want to sell your house, your condo or a plot of land, then you should rely on the competent service of an experienced estate agency. By commissioning our services, you will save a lot of time, find the right interested parties quickly and can rely on the benefits of years of experience with properties.

Advice and appreciation of your property

First and foremost, you do not want to sell too high or incur losses when you offer the property below its value. With our services and a comprehensive consultation in advance, you will decide on a realistic and market-focused asking price which will appeal to potential buyers and stimulate a timely settlement of the sale. The sale of an owned dwelling, such as houses or apartments, is associated with many formalities and requires the professional preparation of an offer which suits your property and highlights its particularities. We will carry out these and other tasks if you hire us as estate agency.

Marketing your properties

The presentation of your property is an important aspect, which takes place in the period between putting up the offer and the sale. Due to our individual marketing and marketing concepts, you can rely on presentations which inspire prospective buyers and increase the interest in your property. Personal contact with our clients is important and includes the consulting of owners and prospective buyers.

Our individually designed marketing concepts include the presentation on our homepage, partner portals, advertisements in print media and online media.

Visits and customer care

After we’ve prepared the purchase contracts, provided all the important documents and started the marketing, we arrange appointments with prospective customer and carry out inspections. If a potential buyer can’t be on site, we will take over the advice at his place of residence. We are the contact and service provider from the first consultation to after-sales service.

Your benefits

The commission of a service from the real estate agent is related with costs. Nevertheless, assuredly we want you to save in the end a lot of time. Through our many years of experience in the sale of high-quality condominiums in the hotspots, we give you an insight into prospective buyers with passion and expertise.